Pledge your time or money to the cause

Financial pledges from your business will empower us directly to aid the many charity organisations operating in the City of Wolverhampton in their ongoing efforts to help the Vulnerable and Homeless in Wolverhampton.


Equates to:
Emergency health intervention


Equates to:
Supported voluntary repatriation of EU rough sleeper


Equates to:
10 nights in emergency placement accommodation


Equates to:
An individual support package to get someone off the street


Equates to:
Cost of furnishing accommodation


Equates to:
Average annual rent on a tenancy for a rough sleeper


Equates to:
Residential detoxification (6 weeks)


Equates to:
High intensity accommodation-based service


Equates to:
Annual cost for a supported accommodation placement for 1 long-term rough sleeper

Employment Pledges

Employment is the doorway to getting people back on their feet. You never know what trade or skill a homeless person has because invariably it’s difficult to see through the stigma of being homeless. By pledging an employment opportunity, you are giving a person a reason to get the help they need to put themselves back on the road to being a part of society again.

Services Pledges

Accommodation offer

Travel Assistance

Donations of Provisions

Staff volunteering