Be a volunteer and help make a big change...

Below is a list of our partner charities and projects that you can volunteer your support to.

P3 Navigator

Our community drop-in centre, or ‘Navigator’, is open anyone who needs advice or guidance, be that about their tenancy or housing situation, homelessness relationship issues, or if they simply need support to access other services.

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St Georges Hub

Working with the regions most vulnerable and marginalised men; targeting the issues where clients have disproportionately worse outcomes and life chances, such as rough sleeping, health, substance misuse, offending behaviour and suicide.

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Street Pastors

We patrol the city on a Friday night and last Saturday of the month. we give people water, flip-flops, space blankets but most importantly we give them help. We are the Church on the Streets. We Listen, We Care, We Help.

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The project is a charity based organisation that is run and host by the Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (WVSC). This puts us in a position whereby we can be completely independent to drug and alcohol treatment providers

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Volunteering at the Refugee and Migrant Centre offers you a unique experience to work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in a relaxed, yet professional environment.

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Church of the Good Shepherd

Serve hot meals during our dining service four days a week where our clients can come into the centre in the warm and enjoy a hot, freshly cooked meal and offer a hatch service with sandwiches and food parcels on the other two days.

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Wolverhampton Church Shelter

The Wolverhampton Church Shelter is here to help and support our local homeless
population providing a place of rest and recuperation for those sleeping rough.

It is a seven day a week operation and a fully integrated part of the Pathway of Hope in the City which is dedicated to the identification and realisation of pathways out of homelessness.

Wolverhampton Church Shelter is sited at 65 Waterloo Road in the City centre.

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Befriending Service

Though loneliness isn’t in itself a mental health problem, the two are strongly linked. People that feel isolated and alone are more at risk of becoming anxious and depressed. Loneliness is a big problem, particularly amongst the elderly.

No one should have to be alone. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our Befriending Service for tenants with Wolverhampton Homes.

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