We are making BIG changes...

By changing the way you donate to help the vulnerable and homeless in Wolverhampton

Our Challenge:

Helping the homeless and vulnerable people by providing the right support is fundamental to Alternative Giving CIO. By working with the right agencies, we will be able to coordinate a positive change in our city.

Our Action:

To capture and engage with the generosity of the members of the public and business community to provide a coordinated approach to tackling street homelessness in Wolverhampton.

The people who will benefit will be the homeless and vulnerable people within the city of Wolverhampton

Alternative Giving Charity is creating a

positive support structure in Wolverhampton.

We support charities and organisations that exist in Wolverhampton who support the vulnerable community accessed by Wolverhampton street homeless.

  • We work with organisations and charities that help Street Homeless and vulnerable people who access services in Wolverhampton.
  • We support those organisations that work with the homeless and vulnerable to improve their current circumstances by offering them accommodation, assistance and advice.
  • We want to help people on the streets who have complex needs and struggle to access services – by directing them to benefits, housing, alcohol and substance abuse services or mental health support.
  • The Alternative Giving Charity will help support our work with rough sleepers in the city to secure the right accommodation at the right time, also working with the vulnerable and homeless people that we work with every day in Wolverhampton who are part of our community.